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Origin OWT-MAI Mirror Arm Installation Guide


1. Loosen the mirror bolt from the mirror. Do not remove the bolt!!!

2. Push the mirror clamp over the mirror arm and adjust to the desired location. Use some soap to make this easier.

Note: Do not remove the mirror bolt, just loosen it. The clamp goes in very tight when inserting.



1. Select a suitable location for your mirror arm, normally on the front right leg of your tower.

2. Remove two hex head cap screws from mounting collar. Split collar and place black inserts inside mounting collar.

   Please check the size of your tower tube and use the correct rubber collar.

3. Place mounting collar on tower and replace hex head cap screws. Snug the collar for now so you can rotate it to the desired location, but tighten screws before using. It is important to tighten the screws evenly or collar may bend, causing thread damage. A small gap between mounting collar halves will remain when tightened properly.

Notice: Improper bolt torque could lead to poor performance or product failure.

It is customer’s responsibility to periodically check all bolts and screws to ensure that they are properly tightened. Improper tightening of bolts or screws can cause thread damage or product failure.


Care and Appearance

You can maintain the new appearance of your mirror mount by wiping with a clean damp cloth after each use. Soapy water or a commercially available marine water spot remover can be used as needed. Use only glass cleaner to clean the mirror face and occasionally wash the anodized aluminum.